Welcome to Hermès Traduction, a linguistic and translation service provider.

Languages we work with:
We translate from English and Swedish into French (France).
(If you need services in other languages, you can check “Partners” ).

Why you should work with us:
In a world where gratification is immediate, it can be tempting to use quick and free automatic translators. Would you trust the outcome?
At Hermès Traduction, we have a commitment to offering high quality translation services that will fit your needs. All human- or machine-generated translation that we produce will be reviewed and verified to ensure our high standards. Our customers deserve the very best!

Our values:
We pride ourselves on our responsiveness, efficiency and versatility.

Why this name?
In Greek mythology, Hermes is the god of travelers and merchants, the messenger of the gods and the one who gifted writing to humankind.

Translators today are not just those who work to convert script (or writing) from one language to another. Instead, they are the messengers who assist those who cannot already understand each other. It is for this reason that we chose our name. Hermes is a symbol of travel, communication and discoveries. Hermes represents surpassing our differences.