Who are we?

Hermès Traduction is a small freelance business that started on 2nd January, 2021.

I am Maximilien Dusautois, the owner of Hermès Traduction. I graduated in June 2020 in specialised translation and translation projects management (Traduction Spécialisée Multilingue) at Université de Lille. I decided to become a freelance translator to challenge my entrepreneurial spirit and to bring my personal touch to the professional translation world. My objective is to work while respecting my integrity and my standards.

I have always enjoyed writing and traveling, often found sitting on a train to my next destination or my hands on my keyboard, writing. I wrote my first novel (unpublished) between high school and college, and my second novel is in progress.
When it comes to translation, my favorite subjects are environment, natural and social sciences, politics, religions, video games and administrative or official documents. I am, of course, willing to translate a lot of other things! Challenges and versatility really matter to me.

I currently live in the North of France, a few kilometers from the Belgian border, in the French Flanders. Other than reading, writing and travelling, I like to spend quality time with my cats and my hens, playing video games, gardening or tinkering.

Résumé available upon request.